COOL-ER vs Amazon Kindle: an e-book Reader Catfight


The Kindle is Amazon’s 6 inch screen best selling e-book reader that seems to be the first thing that comes into people’s minds when asked to list e-book readers. The COOL-ER on the other hand is a budding competitor with the tagline “We Make Reading Cool” who wants to get people reading and probably rake in some cash too. The Kindle or COOL-ER, which gadget should interested buyers choose? Catfight!


The Kindle has a classic white color similar to what first iPods look. It has buttons left and right to easily turn the pages of the books or newspapers. The lower part of the Kindle contains the keyboard which can be used for book annotations or for other purposes such as logging into your Amazon account and others. Making your Kindle extra jazzy is easy by purchasing some leather cases that are also available from Amazon and other sources.

The Cool-er has an aluminum body construction available in 8 different colors that are thought of to excite buyers such as Ruby Red, Blue Sky, Cool Pink, Hot Pink, Silver Shine, Vivid Violet, Racing Green and Black Jack. The colors of the Cool-er are similar to the offering of the iPod Nano which really caught on. On the lower right is a very familiar looking button wheel which is very much like the click wheel of the iPod but less the touch sensitivity. Quick access buttons to menu, multimedia, library etc are also present on the sides. Leather sleeves and the like aren’t yet available for the Cool-er but who wants to cover up that funky colored e-reader?

Both the Kindle and Cool-er has the same size but the Kindle is almost twice as head as the Cool-er at 10.2 ounce as compared to the former’s 5.6 ounce weight.

Winner: Cool-er


Kindle has partnered with Sprint to allow free high-speed wireless connectivity within the continental US for users to download books, magazines, newspapers etc without even having to connect to a computer. The keyboard has dedicated buttons for every letter and even for changing the font size. The screen is a full 6 inches and used an e-ink technology with 16 levels of gray. The battery life as quoted by Amazon is up to 4 days with wireless on or 2 weeks with the wireless turned off. The Kindle has a rear speaker which is adequately powered enough to hear the book being read while driving in the car or while doing something in your room. A 3.5mm headphone port is also present if you want to listen on your own. There is a built-in 2GB memory which can store for up to 1,400 books but it will end there since there is no expansion slot available.

Cool-er also has the same 6 inch screen but with 8 levels of gray. The battery life is up to 8,000 page turns since displaying text doesn’t use up energy from the battery. Though the Cool-er also supports playing MP3 files as the Kindle does, it hasn’t been rated by the manufacturer. A 2.5mm headphone port is present and an included jack allows usage of standard 3.5mm headphones. For the memory, the included 1GB memory can hold 700 books but can be expanded for up to 4GB through the SD card slot.

The obvious thing that Cool-er doesn’t have is wireless connectivity. Transferring files to the Cool-er is easy through drag and drop but Kindle’s wireless downloading can be done under 60 seconds and even without moving your legs. Though both e-readers aren’t expected to be used as an MP3 player, the rear speakers of the Kindle is an added bonus while the non standard headphone port of the Cool-er can be annoying at times when you don’t have the 2.5mm to 3.5mm converter anywhere near.

Winner: Kindle


The availability of a keyboard on the Kindle allows fast searching for annotations or books that can be done is a couple of key presses. This would be different in the case of the Cool-er which is heavily depended on the buttons. Imagine the stress that you will get pressing a button for a long time just to go the the last books that you have which could have been done in seconds on a Kindle. Amazon aside from books offer magazines, blogs, newspapers etc. which can be downloaded through the wireless connection. The feature of Amazon’s online automatic database is also a neat feature that eliminates the need for bigger storage since you can delete a book after reading it and download it back anytime when you want to have it again on your device. Cool-er’s feature of e-book sharing is also nice since up to 4 people can have the glory of reading what you have bought unlike on Amazon which has a strict book sharing policy. Cool-er has 750,000 titles available for download and 500,000 of which are completely free! However, most of the best selling titles are cheaper through Amazon’s e-book store since they are able to undercut prices to be more competitive which Coolerbooks cannot do.

Winner: Kindle


The Cool-er might really look great on the outside which no one can argue. With its cool looks and popular looking design, this iPod looking e-reader would really turn some heads. However, the Cool-er doesn’t have much to offer in terms of hardware and features . The Kindle although not as flashy as the Cool-er in terms of its looks compensates by its impressive features and hardware. Amazon’s offering is really good and designed with e-reader’s usage in mind. With the Kindle priced a bit higher at $299 and the Cool-er at $249, the $50 price difference really doesn’t matter a lot.

Winner: Kindle

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