Conquer Games with iBUYPOWER Paladin XLC

Paladin XLC
Computer Gaming pushes the computer industry like a cowboy rides his horse with a stampede on his back. PC games keep getting better and better but their demand for more performance driven hardware and system keeps getting higher and higher. Luckily, iBUYPOWER rose up to this challenge and created their new line of gaming PCs – the Paladin XLC series. Armed with the latest Intel Core i7 processors, DDR3 RAM, NVIDIA GTX series graphics, Coolermaster’s HAF 932 cases and Asetek’s 240mm radiator liquid-cooling, this gaming rig can play the latest and most demanding games without breaking a byte. The systems’ advanced water cooling design and two enormous 230 mm fan running at 800 rpm provide increased stability, component lifespan and overall performance. Thanks also to the exceptional cooling system; the XLS series is virtually noiseless.

The basic model, Paladin XLC V1 comes with a Core i7-920 CPU, 6GB of DDR3 RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 275 graphics and 1TB HDD. The extreme model, Paladin XLC V3 puts the “D” in Daddy with its Core i7-975 Extreme CPU, triple NVIDIA GTX285 graphics, 12GB of DDR3 RAM and both an 80GB SSD and 1TB 7,200rpm HDD. All models have VISTA Home premium, liquid cooling, Gigabit LAN, 1 year limited warranty and lifetime tech support. Customers can also have the 80GB SSD, additional HDD, or Blu-ray drive as an optional upgrade. For the external look, gamers can also choose one from the six special custom painted case designs.

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  1. iBuyPower? These guys are still around? I don’t know if anyone else has experience with them, but I bought a gaming system from them that had several internal components fail withing 60 days of purchase. That on top of never being able to get a hold of ANYONE (the phone would continuously ring) made me never want to go near these guys again.

    Maybe they got their act together since, but buyer beware! Make sure you know exactly what is going into your machine as well. I found a few substandard components that were outdated by a couple of years.


    • After reading your comment, I have done a small research. It seems that iBuyPower, have a good reputation in the last year. The site seems to be well maintained and does receive significant amount of visitors, which is a sign of good business. With regards, to service I can not personally comment on this, simply because I do not have a first hand experience.

      We do encourage visitors to share theirs experiences.

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