Connect and Share Anytime and Anywhere with MiFi 2372 Mobile Hotspot

MiFi2352A greedy self serving individual is not the best choice for a roommate – much more for a travel mate. If you don’t want to end up wondering why your trusty travelling buddies left you in some old shady train stop, then don’t be a greedy jerk and begin sharing. Toothbrush and underwear are definitely out of the question but providing and sharing a wireless internet connection to your friends thru MiFi 2372 will definitely put you closer to being a “travel buddy of the year”.

MiFi is a smart portable Wi-Fi hotspot which uses HSPA networks to give you access to the internet wherever and whenever you need it. With a simple touch of a button, you’ll have fast (7.2 Mbps download and 5.76 upload) and secure mobile internet access which can be shared by up to 5 users with Wi-Fi enabled devices. This MobileInternet gadget from Novatel Wireless has an integrated expandable microSDHC slot which can be used to share and transfer files thru wwan.

MiFi is so small that it can fit the palm of your hands yet is powerful enough to have an effective coverage range of 10 meters, thanks to its state-of-the-art internal antenna system. It uses a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery to power it up to 4 hours when connected to a Wi-Fi device. The MiFi is already GPS enabled and uses MobiLink for easy installation and NovaSpeed for smooth web surfing.

You may also want to see the boundless possibilities and benefits of MiFI mobile internet like the MiFi 2200 at Amazon.

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