Combimouse – A Combination of Mouse and Keyboard

combimouseYes, it looks weird, but this weird gadget promises to free up your desk from the tyranny of your mouse. From the tyranny of a separate mouse, that is. This cool gadget is called Combimouse. It is a full QWERTY keyboard for your computer but it is also a mouse. In other words, it is a combination of keyboard and mouse featuring a standard QWERTY keyboard and integrated standard mouse.

The left unit is stationary and provides the function of the left hand side of a conventional QWERTY keyboard while the right unit has a similar mass and center of gravity to a conventional mouse. It also has a similar grip. Depending on the support surface, it can have any desired mobility. By default, the right unit operates in keyboard mode. When you grip the right unit and touch the side of it, it automatically changes to mouse mode. When in this mode, movement of the right unit allows cursor movement on the screen and the keys I, O, J, K, L and < become mouse click buttons.

For sure, curious geeks would love to get one of these. Unfortunately, they’re still looking for hardware and manufacturing partners, so right now, the Combimouse isn’t available to buy. But if you still prefer using good old QWERTY keyboards and separate mouse, you can find traditional keyboards here.

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