Color Changing Shower Head Takes your Wash Time into another Dimension

CCShowerHeadGifImagine this: It’s 6 a.m. and you have just rolled out of bed. You know that you’ll be late for your 7 a.m. work. So still half sleep, you stumble from the bedroom to the bathroom and turn the faucet for your morning shower. You jump into the tub expecting a soothing steamy shower, but what you get is a deluge of ice-cold water instead. If this is a common scenario in your life, then you need this Color Changing Shower Head.

Retailing at £34.99, this color-coded bathroom gadget displays a rainbow of visual cues to let you know just how hot or cold your shower water is at all times. It is self-powered with the LED lights being illuminated by the force of the water running through it with absolutely no batteries required – certainly a gadget that is environmentally friendly. And because the color changes as the water gets hotter, you can work out the ideal temperature you are comfortable with before getting into the shower. At a water speed of 2.5 gallons per minute, you can still expect solid pressure and flow.

The entire head is made of chrome coated ABS that will match the decor of any bathroom. It’s completely safe to use and it installs in minutes to standard ¾” shower pipes. This gadget upgrade is undoubtedly a quality purchase for the shower-obsessed few that demand perfection each time that bathe.

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