Color Changing Push Clock – The Jazzy Way of Letting the Time Pass

push clock
We use an alarm clock to awaken us from sleep in the mornings or after short naps, as well as for other reminders. To do this, the clock gives out a loud sound at an specific time. However, there are times when we need more than just a wake-up call from our alarm clock. Since it will be displayed in our room, we want it to be stylish and to be more functional. This is the reason why the Colour Changing Push Clock is made.

Unlike the typical alarm clock, this fabulous time-keeper is push activated. It comes with four modes: Time, Date, Day, and Temperature. Just a quick push from you and the clock’s LCD will switch between these four functions. It hence allows you to keep an eye not just on the hour, but also on the day, and on the temperature. As the mode of the clock switches, the color of the screen also changes. The clock delivers all these amazing functions without compromising its main job which is to give an alarm at the time you need to get up.

The Color Changing Push Clock comes with a modern, sophisticated design. It isn’t just a nice embellishment for your room; it also makes a perfect gift to everyone you love. With this clock, you can give your loved ones an attractive and glitzy way to let the hours pass.

So be updated of the time, day, and temperature the colorful way! This push activated alarm clock that features color changing display is available here.

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