Clutter Free Laptop Space with StudioDesk


A messy poor excuse for a table is the last thing a laptop user would want. It can not be helped though especially with all the gadgets and accessories that usually comes along with laptops like external drives, power cables, speakers, and other peripheral devices. Escape the disorder caused by the tangles of wires and cables with StudioDesk. A desk intended for laptop users where all excess wires, cables and accessories are neatly concealed in a storage space underneath a sliding desktop. A slit along the width of the desk is provided to let cables and wires pass freely through the surface and the compartment underneath. Only a single wire also exits the compartment to connect to a power outlet. All data and power lines are efficiently hidden while connected thus leaving the work space clutter free.

StudioDesk with sideview

The spacious hidden partition can also hold Power strips, AC adapters, USB hubs, external storage devices, modems, chargers, and other supplementary gadgets giving the surface more room for other object or devices. To add a touch of elegance and class, the laptop desk comes with a detachable synthetic leather mat which covers the sliding section and solid mahogany legs and details. Sturdy white laminate was used for surfaces and sections to ensure durability. Whether for home or office use, the handy StudioDesk can turn an untidy workspace to a clutter free environment. Thanks to its simple yet ingenious design.

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