Click More, Scroll More, and Do More with Logitech Marathon Mouse M705’s 3-Year Battery Life

Computers are used by more and more people today – at home and at the office. And to a computer, the mouse is one of the basic devices utilized to input data into the computer, the other being the keyboard.

Typically, a mouse includes a body that serves as a grip for the user’s hand and as a structure for mounting a movement sensing system and two or more buttons for selecting computer functions. It is connected to a computer by a cable for transmitting signal/power.

M705But today, a collection of wireless mouse is available to make it easier for a user to move the mouse around without having to drag a cord. And if you have noticed, the mouse we have here is no different from the others – wireless. What makes the Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 unique is that it uses less than half the power of comparable wireless mouse. Meaning, you can go up to three full years before a change is required.

The Marathon Mouse M705 will also let you enjoy a naturally comfortable grip, even after long hours of use because of its compact, sculpted, right-hand design and its laser tracking feature offers smooth, responsive and precise cursor control. Now, a button behind the wheels is also present that toggles two scrolling modes: Hyper-fast for quick navigation or click-to-click for greater precision. Sadly, there’s no left-handed version of this cool gadget.

The Logitech Marathon M705 can be yours for $69.99 when it arrives early next year. In the meantime, you can browse this website for your computer mouse needs.

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