ClarionMiND : The Next Generation Navigation Device


The Intel Atom processor, currently used in the netbook industry due to its small size and its relatively powerful processor, opened a lot of opportunities for device makers from different industries. This propelled more powerful devices that are smaller, more efficient, and generally better. Clarion Mind is a product of this ingenuity.

Being a leading company for audio and navigation, this device can surely bring you to your destination stress-free and accurately. Detailed maps of US and Canada are included. This can ensure that what you see on the road is the same as in the device. In the event that you don’t happen to live within US or Canada, the ClarionMiND can use Google Maps to easily download your city of choice.

A full Firefox browser is also included that can render web pages same as on the PC. MySpace, YouTube, Weather, News, RealPlayer, Email, and Portal Sync for software updates applications are included in the interface that are pretty much straightforward. Other applications are PDF Reader, Contacts, Calculator, and Notepad.

The specs are: 4.8″ LCD Touch Screen display, 800MHz Intel Atom processor, 512MB DDR2 ram, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB connection, built-in speakers, and SD expansion slot.

Though it has good features, the ClarionMiND can only be up for 1.5 hours which is really bad when you want to use its multimedia features away from the car, and the 4.8″ display is a relatively small screen which can strain your eyes if you plan to read e-books or browse sites for long periods of time.

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