Chugalug Drinks Mixer

Throwing a party needs a social fuel to get people talking and doing stuffs that they wished would never show up in Facebook. But mixing drinks doesn’t need a bar tender to put up a show or does it have to be conspicuously done in the kitchen with your mother’s wooden spoon. You can make drinks like how chocolates are done in Charlie in the Chocolate factory with the Chugalug Drinks Mixer.


First is to set up the mixer. You have to connect a series of tubes towards vortex funnels and ice chambers. These vortex funnels and ice chambers mix and chill your drinks perfectly to a taste. You can have these components in your fridge door or even on a wall using the super suckers on their backs. After setting up the whole 70cm drinks path, you can now proceed by pouring the drinks into the receiving tube and let the show begin. Both drinks will course the path towards the vortex funnels making two drinks mix and passing the ice chambers chill the drinks just on the right temperature without diluting the taste. When the whole splish-splash is over, just turn the taps and let the drinks flow. You can also mix more than two drinks if you like by pouring one after another. It would also be cool if you mix different colored drinks that end up funky looking on your glasses.

So be a cool Willy Wonka with your drinks, get the Chugalug Drinks Mixer and get the party started!

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