Chill Out While Working or Playing with USB Fridge

odesk_usbfridge3How long can your drink remain cold whenever you are working on your computer? The answer is probably not very long, especially if you are into small sips and not big “dessert-parched” gulps. An icy cola or beer is only good when it is cold, when it finally reaches room temperature, what you have there is a sweet warm slush.
An extra space on the desk and a USB fridge will solve that problem. The USB fridge is an innovative product designed to keep your beverage cooler for a longer period of time. It uses the 5V power from the USB port to operate, no more separate line for power cords. The product is designed to really look like a miniature fridge complete with a cool door design and an internal LED light. Since it uses metal plates and needs an actual physical contact to lower the drink’s temperature, you can guess that it is best suited for “in can” beverages.

There are of course limitations on the product, although you can feel significant temperature drop in the plate after just 5 minutes, don’t expect it to freeze or ice cold anything. Also, due to dimension constraints, only sizes similar to regular in-can sodas can fit the fridge. What the USB fridge does best is chill your drinks so you can enjoy them longer.

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