ChefStack Machine – Pancake Connoisseur

Pancakes! Get your Pancakes! Get that perfect pancake breakfast with the ChefStack. This hot gadget is the world’s first automatic pancake machine. The 97% fat-free pancakes are easily cooked from the all natural raw batter at no time at all. Twin non-stick Teflon layered cooking belt continuously cooks tasty and delicious pancakes in three different diameters. Get your breakfast fast and fresh at the rate of 200 pancakes per hour.
ChefStack machineThe ChefStack batter is made from non-GMO mix and specially packed in a HACCP certified bag with a unique nozzle and cap system. This guarantees that every ChefStack pancake mix is clean, fresh, ready to cook, and has a long shelf life (up to one year) without the need for refrigeration. The ChefStack is really easy to operate and user-friendly enough to be a self-service station. You don’t even have to worry about the device eating up precious counter space since it is just about the size of a microwave oven.

The ChefStack machine is not limited in just preparing plain old pancake and syrup combination. With a little creativity, you can prepare delicious turn over’s, fruit sleeves and even crepes. This machine is a perfect addition to any food industry business like cafeteria, restaurants, coffee shops, diner and breakfast joints due to its profitability, durability and minimal requirements for maintenance. For serious business owners, an additional source of income and food choices will help you yield higher revenues and better profits. So get your own pancake ChefStack!

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