Cash Stash Keychain

cashImagine the scenario of waking up in some place that you cannot remember due to some wild out happening last night. As you grab for your back pocket, all you can feel is some lint and air which makes you think how the heck can you get home without some money? More realistically speaking, we definitely might have experienced once in our life getting short on cash realizing that we have left our wallet back in our home or office as we are about to pay at the check out counter. That could have been avoided is we were equipped with the Cash Stash Keychain.

Simple yet effective, this keychain allows us to have a secret location for money when we need it the most. Just fold your money along with the included clip and slip it in the capsule and peace of mind is yours. Getting the money is also easy by just unscrewing the capsule and then get your money. Assuming that you don’t forget or lose this thing, you will never get caught short again! Environmental elements such as pressure, heat and water (how harsh can the place you put your keys be?) are also covered by this keychain as it is made up of aircraft grade aluminum and is precisely made giving it a tight seal.

Always have emergency money with you with this nifty keychain for just $8 over at

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