Calendar for the Busy You, O2 Joggler


What does a typical calendar can do aside from showing you the date? Is it where you draw the logo of a fast food chain reminding you that your friend will treat you there on payday? O2 revolutionized the traditional schedule reminder into a more flexible, entertaining, and useful way not just for teeny peeps but to mums and dads as well. This O2 digital calendar, named as the Joggler, has a home screen that looks like that of iPhone’s. Let your fingers operate the no-battery Joggler without the use of keyboard or stylus. If your mum loves to listen to her good old songs while cooking, it’s no problem because this digital calendar can play audio files. When you want to sit back for some quiet movie time, the Joggler can play MPEG-4, DIVx, FLV, and even H.264 video format. What’s more, O2 included practical features like shared calendar application that can be accessed through the internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable. Joggler’s purpose is more of family activities tracking. Weather update and news come to you for free. And you can even send up to 50 text messages to any cellular phone in the UK. The Joggler can also receive messages when you need to inform Nanny about the children’s vitamins. Other highlights include traffic map, Sudoku, USB2 port, and memory storage of 1GB. While unused, it can display pictures in a slideshow with its 7-inch touch screen, way better than your simple photo frame on the corner table.

All in all, the Joggler seems to be tapping an untapped market. For the technophobes who don’t want to be left behind, or for simple household task tracking, O2 seems to have found a niche to cater to.

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