Bubblewrap Popping Just Got an Upgrade

Bubble poppers unite! Everyone I know have experienced the joy and frustration of popping bubble wrap. It’s innate in all of us, we just can’t fight that compulsion to pop one bubble after another until every bubble’s gone. I even remember there was a computer program that virtually functioned as a bubble wrap, ready for a virtual bursting when you’ve got nothing better to do. But popping bubblewrap with mouseclicks is not as fulfilling is the real thing.

Thanks to ThinkGeek, they’ve given us one of their best inventions yet: The Electronic Bubble Wrap.


This revolutionary keychain promises countless hours of sheer enjoyment. Featuring 8 rubbery “bubble” buttons which resembles the real thing— it even pops like actual bubble wrap! What could be better than that? Well there’s more to it than just popping the electronic bubble buttons. Yes, this funky device comes with an added bonus to all bubble wrap poppers out there. Every 100th bubble wrap pop will not be the usual “pop” but another random sound, varying from a dog’s bark to a boing. Talk about something to look forward to! Just imagine when you’re in the middle of a boring lecture or when you find yourself idle for a long while, you can just take out the electronic bubble wrap and the time will pass by quicker than you can say “Pop!”.

Sadly, I just learned that this ThinkGeek device is currently unavailable at Amazon, but I think there are many other variants out there which offer the same deal, you just have to search for electronic bubble wrap in the right search boxes.

Check for its availability,

or snap up this cool gadget here.

You can also visit ThinkGeek.com for more info

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