Bring Your VHS to the Digital Age with USB VHS Converter

Nothing beats old school. VHS movies may have lost their charm and became obsolete in the turn of the century but their memories (or content in this matter) can still live on. Admit it, even old movies especially the all time classics has a certain charisma and sentimental value in it. Are you just going to let your priceless VHS collections and home recordings be swept away by time until Lorenzo’s oil burn out and be gone with the wind? You can still salvage those outdated memories, bring them back to the future and survive the ravages of time with the USB VHS converter.
USB VHS Converter
This video player can convert contents of old VHS tapes or 8mm video cam (via AV sockets) to PC’s, DVD’s and even iPods and other multimedia players. Conversion is just easy as connecting the player to a PC via USB cable, insert a VHS tape into the player and hit the record button on EZ VHS Converter software. The software can also be used to customize, edit and trim movies, capture images from videos and also burn DVDs. Additionally, the USB converter can serve as a standalone VHS player with auto-tracking, variable speed slow motion, playback, and rewind.

The converter will require around 2.7 GB HDD space for a 90 minute movie in Long Play mode and roughly 740 MB for the usual 90 minute movie at 320×240. For iPods conversions, you can choose between 320×240 or 640×480 resolution. The USB VHS converter will work on Win XP/Vista PC with one free USB 2.0 port.

So if you need to save videos from VHS to latest digital format, USB VHS Converter is really a must for you. Get it at for only $247.

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