Bring in Some Japanese Action with Radio Controlled Sumos


Are you bored with the common action wrestling sport that you watch on TV? You might probably be since bad acting and over rated scenes might get in the way of pure entertainment. You might instead be more interested in real fighting game where pure power, size, and thinking must be in place – sumo wrestling. Sumo wrestling in case you’re living under a rock is practiced in the Asian country whom brought us great inventions. Too bad though that sumo wrestling isn’t regularly on TV to get you entertained but you can get a piece of the action without being a wrestler using radio controlled sumos!

These sumos won’t get your house filled with sand not big people. Rather, it is just a miniaturized counterpart played on a foldable field and two little sumo robots with gigantic feet that can put big foot to shame. You can use the happy face shaped color coordinated remote control to battle against moving out of the playing field. The blue R/C goes for the sumo wearing blue and red for the sumo wearing red. You can attack by using the feet to trip, flip or do stunts which real sumo wrestlers cannot do.

So bring in a piece of Japanese fun inside your home and play a true gentleman’s game with Radio Control Sumos.

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