Braniac Sonic Grenade – Great Toy for the Big Boy

BrainiacGrenadeTired of giving that same ordinary gift for your big boy? Shirt, perfume, jeans, or cap is no longer the gift of today. For your big boy, you need to give something unique and funny, and something extraordinary. Now, why not look for cool and funny gadgets which are not too heavy on your budget? Something which is affordable yet makes a great toy for the big boy, something like the Braniac Sonic Grenade.

Designed to give you that greatest, loudest, wackiest, and most explosive show, the Braniac Sonic Grenade launches a sonic attack every time you pull out the pin and throw it into the target area. Whether you want to wake up your oversleeping brother or sister, get the attention of everybody, break the ice in a boring meeting, or simply annoy your friends and parents, this gadget will sure make everyone break loose as they hear that skull shattering sound.

Here’s a scientific fact – the speed of sound is 770 mph. But the speed of your brother, sister, parents, or friends fleeing the sonic horror of this Braniac Sonic Grenade is immeasurable. If you haven’t seen anyone move as fast as “The Flash”, well this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Lob it at one time, throw it into the area, wait for 20 seconds, and the alarm goes off continuously. The nerve-wracking sound (with three volume settings to choose from) will sure awaken even the most notorious over-sleeper on the planet. And it will only stop once the handle is squeezed and the pin is replaced.

Pretty stupid, but brilliant and funny! This is just what your big boy needs to get anyone out of bed, the annoying way. Get one now!

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