Bose Soundlink Wireless USB Speaker System Streams Music from your PC or Mac

The digital music revolution has made is easy to hoard hundreds of hours of songs on your PC, but it’s not always as painless to listen to your collection away from your computer.

bose_soundlinkWell, Bose’s newly introduced Soundlink Wireless Music System is focused on solving that difficulty as simple as possible. It’s a one-piece portable speaker system that allows users to play music from their computer – wirelessly, anywhere in the house. No software or Wi-Fi connection is required. Just plug the included USB dongle into your PC, select music from iTunes, Pandora, or any other Internet radio or music source, and the audio will stream to the speaker.

For further flexibility, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery is included. The battery provides all the power the system needs for up to 3hours when played at full volume or for longer periods at more moderate listening levels. It is charged by the system’s AC power supply, so no outlet is required.

And even if it’s primarily designed for wireless connectivity to a computer, the system also features an auxiliary input for connecting additional audio sources like iPod, iPhone, MP3 player, or CD player. The system, aside from the touch-sensitive volume buttons located on the unit itself, also comes with an infrared remote control operating the power and volume and has the ability to send transport control commands to most application, allowing users to skip tracks or play/pause from a distance.

Without a doubt, the Soundlink Wireless Music System is a cool gadget for people who love listening to the songs stored on their computer, but don’t want to be always at the front of the PC to enjoy it. Its price though, isn’t music to our ears: $549.95.

There are plenty of cheaper Bose wireless audio solutions and you can find some here.

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