Bolt Interactive Pet Laser Toy – Spells Fun and Entertainment

Hey everyone! Guess what? It’s less than two months to go before Christmas. So that means, you don’t have that luxury of time to complete your Christmas shopping list. As early as now, you should already have ideal gifts in mind to give to your dear loved ones. But hey, don’t forget to include the gifts to your beloved pets on your list. Your pet cat will sure love to receive something from you – something like the cool Bolt Interactive Pet Laser Toy.

bolt_interactive_pet_laser_toyHuh! Interactive toy? For what? Simply for your pet’s fun and entertainment. You see, everyone likes interactive stuff and your kitty is no exception. Although these interactive and fun toys have been around for quite some time, they still make great gadget gifts for the holiday season. The Bolt Interactive Pet Laser Toy alone plays a very important role in keeping your beloved cat brisk and happy. Once you turn it on, it will entertain your cat automatically by dancing a laser beam dot around your floor for about 15 minutes. You’ll never stop laughing once you see it chasing those dots but never catching them. To make it more fun, you can adjust its mirror if you want to shine the laser in various directions and angles. And oh by the way, it only requires 4 AA batteries to make it work.

The FroliCat BOLT Automatic Laser Toy for Cats really makes a cool, fun, and entertaining gadget gift for your beloved kitty this Christmas. Check it out at now!

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