Blu-Link Universal Remote Control for PlayStation 3

Rejoice PS3 owners, because there’s finally a low-cost solution for operating both your PS3 and your other home components from a single universal remote control.

For those of you out there who have put their PlayStation 3 at the center of their home entertainment system because of its stellar Blu-ray player, you know what a pain it is to control both your PS3 and your other A/V devices because of Sony’s choice of Bluetooth instead of IR as their remote communication protocol. But that would be a thing of the past because now, there’s the Blu-Link Universal Remote Control – the first universal remote control with built-in support for both PlayStation 3 Bluetooth and infrared for home audio visual equipment.Blu-Link_universal_remoteThe SMK Blu-Link universal remote offers what PS3 owners have been waiting for since 2006: a single remote that controls all your gear, without a dongle. Blu-Link comes pre-programmed to support numerous models of TVs, VCRs, DVDs, DVRs, surround sound systems, cable, Direct TV, satellite and set top boxes. In addition to the pre-programmed codes, Blu-Link can learn infrared commands from other remote controls. And, with non-volatile memory storage, the Blu-Link Universal Remote Control for PlayStation 3 retains all button assignments even when its 2 AA batteries are removed.

The Blu-Link though lacks many of the ins and outs of the Harmony line of products, such as online programming and activity-based controls, but the low $50 price may make it a good option if you’re on a tight budget and just want basic control of all your gear in a single remote.

If you’re interested, you can get the Blu-Link Universal Remote Control for PlayStation 3 here!

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  1. Can this remote power off the PS3? The original PS3 remote requires you to press the P button and navigate to “Turn off System.” If this can power off the PS3 than it is a definite buy for me.

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