BLIK WiFi Radio Will Make Every Radio Station Heard

wifi radioHaving a radio can be an old pastime to some but this radio from BLIK is geared up to entertain the modern generation and more! This sleek WiFi radio from BLIK is a radio that promises to deliver what the competition can’t! First of all, this radio works buy capturing the existing wireless network that it can catch and use it to access more than 8,000 radio stations. That would be like listening to a new station everyday for almost 22 years without going to the same  station again or until your device dies whichever comes first. Aside from being able to listen to internet radio stations, it can also capture the local FM band range stations so you could still listen to the radio even if your wireless connection is down. An alarm clock that is fully customizable from alert type (internet radio, FM or buzz), alarm frequency (daily, weekly or weekend) to the snooze duration of 5-60 minutes is also a feature of this audio gizmo.

Being an audio gadget, the makers of this device knows that a lot of people now owns a media player with them so they also included an M-port cable to allow sounds from music players be played through the radio speakers so that users will be able to listen to their own playlist. A remote control is also added so you could be a lazy bum and change music even while lying on the bed.

Available in black and white, this stylish piece of audio equipment can be bought through

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