Bladefish – Why Swim Underwater?

I’m no oceanographer and definitely no fan of Jaws but scuba diving has a certain charm into it except for the part where jellyfishes, barracudas, sharks and David Hasselhoff lifeguards are involved. Scuba (Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) diving is where you enjoy and explore the boundless beauty of the ocean using a scuba set. Moving around is relatively easy using swimfins or flippers. But in an environment where you have a limited oxygen supply, the last thing you need is to be swimming about when you can use the new Bladefish series of underwater propeller.

Bladefish is a fast, powerful and lightweight underwater Seajets powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries. It is used to pull the diver underwater for swim free ocean exploration.

Bladefishbladefish sea scooters comes in three models:

Bladefish 1000 (yellow)
• 3.5 hours battery life
• For depths of up to 20 m.
• Speeds up to 2 mph.
• Max RPM of 405.

Bladefish 3000 (orange)
• 2 hours battery life
• For depths of up to 30 m.
• Speeds up to 3 mph.
• Max RPM of 475.
Bladefish 5000 (black)
• 3.75 hours battery life
• For depths of up to 50 m.
• Speeds up to 3.75 mph.
• Max RPM of 525.

Now, you can enjoy scuba diving longer and easier with the new Bladefish. This cool seajet can be found here.

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  1. Gadgets are my favorite pass time, however this bladefish, or whatever it is called, does not even allow you to change the battery, so if you take it out for a dive it only runs for 1 hour , then you need to wait for 8! hours to recharge it……. sounds like a serious design flaw to me. No thank you.

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