BlackBerry Curve 8530 Coming to Sprint

The popular BlackBerry phones to the corporate people and even got the stars buzzing aside from a bunch of iPhones is now more accessible to the younger generation with the upcoming BlackBerry Curve 8530. This new phone is set to capture the younger generation who wants to get a taste of what BlackBerry’s fast paced communication style.8530

This new phone is like just the released 8520 Gemini on T-Mobile but is a CDMA version to be used on Sprint’s network. You can see this device as somehow a twin brother of the 8900 being trapped in a smaller siblings body. It has the same operating system as that of the 8900 but is navigated with a rather new twist to what BlackBerry users have loved and get used to – the track ball. The track ball is like the center of the current BlackBerry phones out there like the Bold and the Tour. But this new baby has an optical track pad that is like a touch pad on your mouse that follows your finger’s movement left, right, up and down. This thing too has WiFi which is standard nowadays for smartphones and dedicated media keys. Yes, the dedicated media keys is its teen-pleaser of this device since there is a play/pause button in the middle that also works as a mute button and a next and back button. The addition of the media keys positions the 8530 as a device that caters to multimedia which it does well, too.

To be available in Royal Purple or Black, you can wait for these to come or you might as well get other BlackBerry devices at Amazon.

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