Black Ops iPhone Headset for Your Next Spy Mission

black_ops_throat_mike_iphone_headsetBeing a secret agent means you are always in the loop about what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to spy gadgets. But it isn’t like everyday that you get a phone call asking for your help, right? So you have your own set of latest gadgets that normal people have, like let’s say an Apple iPhone. Considering its latest technology for the multi-touch and killer apps and games, it is still a phone and you might need one while on the mission. But do you expect that the same plain white headset that came with your iPhone be at par with a spy like you? Definitely not!

You need this Black Ops throat mic headset for iPhone! This microphone doesn’t pick up sounds from your mouth but rather hugs around your neck and get the sounds right from the source – your vocal cords. Using this, you won’t even have wind noise problems while talking to someone on a parachute where you could have been screaming like a weather man while in the path of a category five hurricane using a standard headset. This headset is very sensitive that it can even pick up your voice clearly even if you’re just whispering – perfect for covert night operations. The in-ear headset is comfortable and is fully adjustable. The combat-ready design makes it durable for any situation.

A spy like you deserves nothing else but the Black Ops Headset. Get yours here.

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