Big Bang Speaker

big bang speakersAs I see this audio gadget, the song Boom Boom Pow by Black Eyed Peas seem to just play along my mind. It is like a tag to this speaker system which I can’t take out of my head. Perhaps, it is because of this cool bomb shape of the speaker that makes the phrase Boom Boom Boom play in my head over and over again.

If you haven’t noticed as of now (which I bet you would have already), this bomb shaped speakers is like the one you see in the cartoons like an old cannon ball. Like the bomb that it represents, the Big Bang Speaker speaks for itself that its sound output goes off like a bomb. It promises to deliver crisp, clear and loud music whenever need, wherever wanted. It’s standard 3.5mm audio connector makes it virtually compatible with any media player or laptop. It is also powered though a USB port which would be perfect for laptop users. An outlet-to-USB adapter can be purchased separately if you want to power this device through an electrical outlet. Furthermore, it can be powered by 4xAA batteries for people on the go who might need some pumpin’.

If you thought that the look is just in for flash, then you are wrong. The ball shape of this speaker system is designed to acoustically power-up the sound for that powerful umph that you’ve been looking for in a speaker system.

Be sure to get boom boom boom out of your media player with the Big Bang Speaker.

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