Beyond Just Audio – Q3 Handy Video Recorder

Q3 Handy Video RecorderThe sound of silence would make a pretty movie title, but in video recordings, the sound of silence is the last thing you would want to hear. For those who want superb quality audio with their video, there is the Q3 Handy Video Recorder. Using the same technology behind the H4n Handy Recorder’s astounding microphone capsule, the Q3 camcorder goes beyond in providing quality audio in every recording. The secret lies within its two on-board condenser microphones. The two mics are arranged in an X/Y pattern much similar to what is used by professionals to capture the best possible audio recording. The right and left microphones are placed in the same axis; this allows both mics to have equal distance from the sound source and have an ideal localization. The result is an accurate and natural audio recording every time.

Since the mics are directional, you can focus or more likely “zoom – in” to the sound source. A built -in audio meter allows users to record in loud, quiet and other different audio environment. The camcorder can also automatically set the ideal audio recording settings for you so that you can just focus on capturing those great videos.
Q3 Camcorder
The video output is not bad either; it records in MPEG-4 SP format at 30 fps with a resolution of 640 x 480. The Q3 handy camcorder is relatively simple to use and works readily out of the box. The package includes a USB cable, HandyShare software, 2GB SD card (upgradable up to 16GB) and a variety of camera accessories.

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