Better Productivity with an Ostendo CRVD Display

front1Looking at flat panel displays at the electronics section of the mall makes me drool like a kid on a candy store. I mean what kind of geek are you if you don’t feel the tech euphoria with all the displays showing high definition content. They are so cool that it makes you look at the prices but just frown at their crazy tags. Though you can always connect two LCD displays and have a bigger screen size. Having this bigger screen size will result to better workspace productivity and enhanced entertainment experience.

A better solution is to come our way with the Ostendo CRVD. This LED monitor promises to give users better productivity, gaming and entertainment, and ergonomics without having to deal with two displays. First is productivity. It has a 43″ curved screen that gives the user a bigger desktop space and allows more windows to be viewed simultaneously. In fact, research has shown that there is 30% productivity increase on wide desktops than a single monitor setup.

Entertainment and gaming just got better using this monitor because of its 32:10 aspect ratio giving you more details per frame. The images are also seamless since there would be no bezel or monitor gaps that get in the way. Ergonomics is also a plus since with its curved design, it engages 75% of our peripheral vision and focal distance remains all throughout the display leaving our eyes in a more comfortable situation.

Increased productivity, better entertainment experience, and more comfortable usage. These are what to expect with the Ostendo CRVD.

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