Bendi Light Up Keyboard – Type Hard 4.0

When I saw Justin Long used a flexible soft keyboard in the movie Die Hard 4.0, my immediate reaction was “I want one of those!” Now we can have our very own “L33tb HaxXor” keyboard like the one in the movie and a better one at that. The new Bendi Light up Keyboard is an ultra flexible waterproof keyboard that you can use and bring with you anywhere. The device also uses the popular USB port, making it compatible with a wide range of PC’s and laptop. You can just roll it and stash it in your bag or pocket and bring it with you everywhere.
Bendi Light Up Keyboard
The keyboard’s singular silicone mat design is clean and easy to maintain as dust, dirt and grime can’t burrow and hide on its keys. No more worries of getting food stuff stucking on one of the keys or spilling water and any liquid on the keyboard. Just plug it in and you are ready to perform whatever you need to do and be confident that you’re using a virtually indestructible keyboard. The silicone design also makes the keyboard quiet to use and soft to touch.

As an added feature, the light up keyboard emits a soft electric blue glow. This is not just for show though. It comes in handy when you are typing at night and for those still yet unfamiliar with the keyboard layout – when you are trying to feel around for the keys in the dark.

Purchase this Bendi Light Up Keyboard and experience it for yourself.

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