Be Unique with Factron iPhone Case with Interchangeable Camera Lenses Plus Built-in Access

factroniphonecaseLet me guess. You’ve got an iPhone there, right?

Who would not want to have one of these latest gadgets? With its new 3G technology, almost every gadget-lover out there will sure go gaga over this new iPhone 3G.

How about its other features like Internet access, maps employing GPS, App Store, and the Microsoft Exchange? They are simply amazing, right? All these great features have truly taken the iPhone to new heights.

Now, if you happen to own one of these Apple devices, what will you do to make sure it’s always in pristine condition? You sure don’t want to let it get covered with scratches, much more with dirt and other messy stuff? So, why not get an iPhone case to keep the appeal of your beloved iPhone intact?

factron-iphone-case2There are lots of iPhone cases out there; however most of them look almost  the same. If you want to be unique, then you have to look for something that is not as common as the ones available in large numbers on the market today. Something just like this: the Factron iPhone case with interchangeable camera lenses plus built-in access.

At last, people from Factron have already fetched this whole new iPhone case that features stylish, rangefinder camera-esque looks, with its complete set of interchangeable lenses. Whether you want close-up, fish eye, or wide-angle lenses, surely this case will not let you down. But the price is quite a bit to pay there, ranging from $15 to $55 for the lenses while a hefty $200 for the case alone.
If you think it’s worth it, then go grab it! But if not, you can always find more varieties of iPhone case here.

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