Be Mesmerized with the Mathmos Eclipse Lights in Action

eclipselightsmathmosHey, when was the last time you witnessed a real eclipse? This year, last year, or a couple of years back? Was it fun? Or was it disappointing because you end up seeing nothing in spite of your effort to bring your most reliable sunglasses and bits of whitecard? Well, you can always experience viewing eclipse the second, the third, and even the nth time around – this time right into your room with these cute gadgets called Mathmos Eclipse Lights.

Available in two different versions namely the Solar and the Lunar, these Eclipse Lights from Mathmos allow you to witness changing colours of light that are reflected around the silver glass sphere. The Mathmos Solar Eclipse Light for one, gently phases through the sunset’s warm colours such as red, yellow, orange, purple, green, pink, and light blue. While the Lunar Eclipse Light cycles through the lunar sky’s darker colours like the four shades of blue and then turns to white and teal.

lunarlightThe changing colours of the Eclipse Lights are truly mesmerizing, thanks to its hidden LEDs! These are reflected into the focal point of the silver glass sphere to create an Eclipse light effect that is similar in some way to that of the lens of a lighthouse but is nothing compared to the previous disappointing real eclipse you’ve ever witnessed! How to see that light effect? Simple. Just press down on the glass sphere and that’s it!

So, do you also want to be mesmerized? Indulge yourself into a delight of colours now with the Mathmos Eclipse Lights in action!

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