Be Always on the Go with Coffee Cup Power Inverter

Coffee is the greatest gift to us hardworking people and one of the best sources of legal energy booster, – caffeine hence the name. Whether it’s a sluggish morning or sleepy nights, nothing keeps us going like an energy bunny other than coffee. The Coffee Cup Power Inverter is pretty much the same as coffee to our diligent 7/11 electronic gadgetry. It converts the car’s DC power from the cigarette lighter socket to 120 Volts AC and even provides 500mA USB charging port. You can charge your game consoles, DVD and mp3 players, iPod and iPhone, cell phones, and other mobile devices on the fly thru the power inverter’s 2 AC outlet and USB port. Your technological peons now have no excuse going sluggish or sleepy on you when on the go. Nobody wants a beeping low bat signal in the middle of nowhere!
This device can provide enough juice for 3 devices simultaneously and works at 200W continuously and 400W peak performance. The Coffee Cup Power Inverter comes with an 18 in. cord and features the needed overload protection and low battery shut-down. And of course, it is also backed up by one year warranty.

The product’s design, which serves as a tribute and a practical application, would fit almost any car’s cup holder with its 6 in. tall x 3.5 in. diameter dimension. No natural and electronic coffee can really match with all the features and benefits of this gadget!

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