Bayer Contour USB Meter

bayer_usb_glucometer_newsLiving with diabetes means living a constantly monitored life and controlling your blood sugar is the key to managing diabetes. Keeping your blood sugar under control lowers your risk for complications later. Testing your blood sugar tells you how well your treatment plan is working. By keeping your blood sugar close to normal levels, you can reduce the risk of eye disease, kidney and heart disease, and other diabetes complications.

Bayer has long standing commitment against diabetes with their Contour meters and this newly released USB meter is the first and only blood glucose monitor meter. Testing is very simple. You first have to wash your hands for hygienic purposes, insert the test strip to the glucose USB monitor, then touch the strip to the blood drop, select whether you have taken the blood sample before or after a meal, wait for a few seconds then the result is displayed and saved into the USB’s memory bank that is capable of tracking up to 2000 records with the built in 500MB storage data.

According to Bayer’s chief medical officer for diabetes care, the Contour USB meter is the ideal blood glucose monitoring system for patients who are highly engaged in managing their diabetes. Patients can keep record of their tests and they can share their record of results with health care professionals during an office visit, via phone or via email. A built-in Glucofacts Deluxe diabetes management software can easily show trends of your results when plugged in via PC or Mac.

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