Battle It Out With This Gladiator Combat Kit

GladiatorLive the good old Roman times with this Gladiator Combat Kit. The Gladiator Kit is great for some outdoor fun that simulates how gladiators fight it out for their lives during the early periods of history. It requires 3 or more people to have the game started. One person or a group of persons would act as Caesar who will be the deciding person/body of who wins the game based on their performance. Two of course would be the gladiators who will fight it out till the end.

Two game types are recommended – mercy game or points game. Each gladiator is armed with a mace and is protected by a helmet and a shield. In the mercy game, if a gladiator is hit in one leg, that gladiator will have to kneel to simulate the effect of being hit in the leg. Same goes for the arm where it should be placed on the back to simulate loss of use. In case that both arms and legs are lost, the defeated gladiator would ask for Caesar to decide their fate. In points game, 1 point will be given for every successful hit in the arms, legs or body and the most points in the end of the game wins. The common rules that both type of games have are no thrusting of the mace and the game must be stopped when the helment is removed.

Every kit includes a pair of every inflatable helmet, mace and shield.

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