Avoid Verbal Tics with Buzzword Speech Recognition Wristband

If Barack Obama is copying Danny Williams’ economic things-that-isn’t-a-strategy-but-gets-called-strategy-anyway, then it’s only a matter of time before someone claims that Caroline Kennedy is now aping the local trend. Kennedy reportedly used “you know” 138 times in the course of one short interview. What we are talking about is a verbal tic of the sort many people have.

Media trainers and public speaking coaches work diligently to get them out of their students’ speeches because um, they, ah, become, like, you know, distracting, right? They are habits in some instances. They are space fillers in other cases. No matter the cause, they distract from the message or in some instances suggest the speaker is not as well educated and intelligent as he or she might actually be.

But I think that would be a thing of the past because the manufacturer of Buzzword has worked out a way to change that. They’ve created a wristband that has a microphone, allowing you to train it to recognize when you use certain repetitive words in your speech like “you know” or “like.” After training it, you slide it on your wrist and it’ll give you a small electric shock when it hears you use that word, hence, you can avoid empty phrases. You will sound more polished and professional.


This black rubber wristband features silver colored clasp, display frame, and platen for skin contact. To work, it contains a built-in rechargeable lithium battery and it comes with a USB charger plus an A/C power adapter. I’m sure this would be a great gift to your favorite boss. The Buzzworld wristband sells on ThinkGeek for $39.99

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  1. I don’t know if this is for real or not, but, it’s a great idea.
    Not necessarily as a self-help device, but as a chastener:
    I wish I could afford to buy a bunch of these, set them all to
    detect “like”, and give them out to idiots whom I can’t help but
    overhear whose every sentence seems to contain at least
    one “like”. But that would be hostile, wouldn’t it? Sigh.
    I do beleive in live and let live – at least in principle.

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