Autonet Mobile Will Let You Surf Even In Your Car

autonetSummer travel season is about to begin and it is time to load up some in-car entertainment gadgets. This could be some DVDs of some sort, a portable gaming console, or some satellite radio perhaps. However, it would still be necessary to be connected to the internet for various reasons such as an urgent mail from the boss for dad, bags for sale on ebay that are ending soon of ebay or maybe a friendly online battle against friends on the PlayStation Network. Whatever it may be, the Autonet Mobile will be the ultimate solution for you.

The Autonet Mobile is like a hotspot in your car. The router that is provided by Autonet is connected to their 3G and 2.5G network that is available throughout US. The router’s TRU-Technology allows the router to connect to cell sites even through bad weather, tunnels, underpass, or even hard to reach locations. Two service plans are available costing $29 and $59 dollars a month for a 1Gb monthly data and 5GB of monthly data respectively. Casual internet users would be happy for the 1GB monthly data cap but for serious internet users that are always on the go, the 5GB data plan is definitely the choice for you. This equates for around 240 4mb songs for the 1GB plan and a whopping 1200 4mb songs for the 5Gb plan that would surely keep you listening to new songs throughout the month.

So whether it is through the nice weather of Honolulu or through the thick ice of Anchorage, you are surely connect with Autonet Mobile.

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