Autobots, Game On! Asus G51 Gaming Laptop And Its Robotic Image

asus-g51With Transformers 2 looming around the corner, and games with mech control are still way up on the fun factor scale, it’s no wonder that the latest gaming Asus is targetting the chic geek gamers.

When you say gaming laptop, one always stumbles upon big and bulky set-ups that can only be considered portable if you’re an Olympic weightlifter. But what if you’re the stylish, GQ-ish gamer that’s as concerned about real-life image as your avatar’s?

Enter the Asus G51 gaming laptop with an eye-catching robotic and futuristic design. It sports the cool image that every gamer possesses. But it’s not all form, it’s packed with an uber gaming rig as well. You can opt for a Core 2 Duo processor, or a more powerful Core 2 Quad. The 15-inch LCD display has a 16:9 widescreen ratio and boasts of 4GB of RAM, and a real mean GeForce GTX 260M video card to accommodate top quality of all the latest games. Packing it up with games is a breeze coz you have up to a terrabyte of space to fill.

My mouth’s watering already with this ultra-portable, sleek, and sexy gamer rig. But we’ll have to hold our horses till July, when the Asus G51 is due for release.

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