Audi Turns 100: Introducing the Bösendorfer Audi Design Grand Piano

Amazing pianos from Audi? Quite hard to believe, but yes, it’s true!

Who said the Audi Design Studio team is limited to creating automobile designs? Because whoever it was, didn’t know that Audi’s German designers are so creative when it comes to bringing in all sorts of awesome gadgets and stuff just like the Bösendorfer Audi Design Grand Piano.


Boasting its Batman-black cowl and sleek curves, the Bösendorfer Grand Piano is designed in celebration of Audi’s 100th year since its founding in 1909. The German design team worked closely with the specialists at Vienna’s Bosendorfer workshop to come up with this impressively styled grand piano. Just look at its curvalicious outer skin and aluminum details and you can easily tell that this amazing piano is a product of combined ingenuity of Audi and Bosendorfer teams of young designers.

But the completion of this project was not as easy as designing for Audi’s line of automobiles. The Audi design team didn’t want to mess with the grand piano’s traditional acoustics, so they did all means necessary to keep its masterful shape intact. They even did an in-depth study of the musical instrument and developed an all-embracing concept since they started working on the project. The experience was really hard but it was all worth it for them. Later when they work on car designs, they can look back at that experience and realize that working on other projects aside from car is not that bad after all.

The Bösendorfer Audi Design Grand Piano already made its grand debut last July 16, 2009 in the Audi Forum Ingolstadt. Get one to be a part of German automaker’s centenary! Or check other musical instruments and amazing pianos here.

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