Asus uBoom and uBoom Q Soundbar Speakers for Laptop Users

Any laptop these days come with built-in speakers. But most laptops honestly offer what we call adequate sound quality from the built-in speakers. Of course, a kicking sound system isn’t really a laptop’s specialty, so in a nutshell folks, don’t exactly expect anything outstanding as far as sound quality is concerned. Now, if you simply are not impressed with the sound of your laptop’s speakers, there are portable speakers that run directly from the power feed on your laptop’s USB port. Take a look at these latest sound solutions from Asus – the world’s most compact sound-bar speakers – uBoom and uBoom Q. uBoom QFifty percent smaller than conventional 2.1 speaker set-ups, the uBoom and uBoom Q sound-bar speakers connect directly to the back of your notebook via USB 2.0. They effectively replace the onboard sound with a high fidelity codec for enhanced audio enjoyment. A specially designed maze-like reflex port delivers adrenaline-pumping bass, while powerful satellite speakers place users in a sweet-spot of high fidelity sound.uBoomAmong these two speakers, I like the uBoom better because it doubles as a notebook dock which offers a greater amount of airflow for more effective heat dispersion. Its full aluminum body reduces unwanted overtones, thus delivering a wholly satisfying listening experience for videos, movies, and games. But the uBoom Q has also its advantage – it also draws its power from the same USB 2.0 port, which eliminates the need for a power adapter, wires and cables – further strengthening its mobile audio entertainment capabilities.

Asus has formally announced both models, but no word on pricing and availability to date.

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