Asus U6V-V2 Bamboo: This Is Why Green Is In


If it’s this stylish to love the earth, sign me up.

It’s a good thing that being ecological doesn’t necessarily mean having to scrimp on the best materials, and going for the natural materials that will disintegrate right before our eyes. Asus points out that if you can afford to save the earth, then you must do it in style.

The Asus U6V-V2 is a 12.1- inch notebook that sports a solid bamboo casing. It boasts of natural materials on the exterior, and uncanny power inside. The U6V-V2 is powered by an Intel Core2Duo processor, and has 4 gigabytes of memory. So those executive tasks will never have to stall. You also have a dedicated graphics engine powered by NVIDIA, so it’s perfect for gaming on the go as well. That’s what I call mixing business with pleasure. Oh, and there’s even an “express gate”. There’s no need to boot up your PC if you simply want to access multimedia enjoyment. Because you, you earth-saving rascal, are very special.

So save the world in style. Start by ordering your Asus Bamboo notebook here.

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