ASUS AiGuru SV1 videophone

aiguruSkype is one of the leading VOIP programs available to computer users all over the world. It is great since a lot of users are already registered and it is free! A lot of electronics manufacturers saw this potential thus the advent of different Skype phones. Heck, even Sony included Skype capability on their PlayStation Portable! Still, the options available to consumers is still not that much and they don’t really look nice either until the Asus AiGuru SV1.

The Aiguru SV1 is a video phone specially designed for Skype use. The 7 inch screen is big enough to simulate face to face conversation. Of course, this is a standalone device meaning no computer is needed to make a call. Internet connection can be made through the built-in WiFi or by using the ethernet port. The webcam is only VGA quality (640×480) though this will ensure smoother video chat in case of having slow connection. The speaker system included promises to deliver crystal clear sound though we all know that internet speed is still the key factor here. The battery in the device is to allow users to bring the videophone anywhere they would like to.

For me, the weakest point of the AiGuru SV1 would be its cost. Because it is priced a little below $300, buying a netbook instead could be an option since it could also do Skype, is portable and a computer too. On the other hand, the proprietary operating system of the AiGuru SV1 is very user friendly that even elders can use it as compared to Windows XP or Linux that they just find hard to understand.

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