AsianTech: Pantech Wind Phone


Well why would you want to blow on your phone? Korean mobile phone manufacturer, Pantech, thinks that this will happen sooner or later. Which is why they have developed the very first phone with wind-recognition feature.

So this is how it works, you blow into unit’s microphone, and the mobile phone will be able to detect the speed and power of the wind blow. So far, the only uses of this released by the company is that during a video call, you can blow on the mic to send an emoticon. Much like a flying kiss, cyber style.

The Korean manufacturer is also hoping that third-party programmers will come in to take advantage of this feature. Such as develop games wherein you’ll need the Wind Recognition feature — like blowing the petals off a digital flower.

Apart from the Wind Recognition effect, this Pantech phone is just like your average mobile phone. 3G capability, bluetooth, and so on.

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