Archos 7 is Like a Souped up iPod Touch


I couldn’t help but think about an improved iPod Touch when I saw the Archos 7. Both devices are positioned as a multimedia device with additional features like web surfing and WiFi. However, the Archos 7 really takes the stage when all the features are taken into account which seem to not be fair since both of them are really different device deep down. The iPod Touch is a media player and more but the Archos 7 is an internet media tablet.

As the name implies, the Archos 7 is an internet media tablet meaning it is designed for easy web surfing. The 7 inch high definition 800×480 pixel wide LCD screen allows full view of the web page without the need for side scrolling as seen in a lower resolution devices or smaller screen devices. Also, viewing a web page on the Archos 7 is the same as what you would get on a computer including flash videos on sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe etc as well as web TV and web radio. The “Media” in its name also meant great experience for music, videos, photos, and games as expected to come with Archos 7. The user can experience 39 hours of music playback or 10 hours of video which could easily fit comfortably on a 160gb or 320gb option.

The design of the device looks sleek and thin and the bronze color of the casing really presents a high end feeling to the gadget. The user interface is also touch friendly with its big icons which is for people who have big fingers.

I recommend getting the 320gb version over the 160gb version since they only differ by around $45 if you get it from Amazon.

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