Aptus II5 – A Must-Have for Professionals

Professional photographers have greater demands than those who just buy cameras for personal needs. The former always look for the unit that would give them the image quality, speed, and flexibility to make their work go beyond expectations. To provide solution to that need, Leaf introduces the Aptus II series. Such series includes top of the line cameras with True Wide Frame sensor.
The newest unit to join the said series is the Aptus-II5 digital back. This camera comes with 22 megapixel sensor so it surely would give you sharp images. It also boasts its capture rate of 0.9 seconds per frame, making it the fastest digital back in the Aptus II family. And to support photographers as they shoot their subject, Leaf Aptus II5 gives the largest display, which measures 3.5 inches. It also takes pride for being the only camera in the medium format market to offer touch screen functions.

Aside from the AptusII5, another amazing offering in this series of cameras is the Aptus-II10. This precious device allows you to capture what was impossible before. This is achieved by the camera’s innovative, digital sensor that provides its True Wide Frame shooting. Its 56mmX36mm sensor makes it able to deliver an astounding 56 mp resolution and allow for full-width imaging.

What else are you looking for? All the needs of a professional photographer are already offered by Aptus II series. The II5, in particular, is such a practical investment as it offers all above-mentioned benefits at a price you can afford.

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