Apple Magic Mouse

magic mousA new mouse has come out of the Apple factory and it is magical. The magic started with the iPhone then went to the iPod through the iPod Touch and then to the laptops with the MacBook Pro. The magic here is the multi-touch technology where the surface detects gestures with multiple fingers as compared with single finger response of traditional touch screens or touch sensitive surfaces.

As expected from Apple who revolutionizes how we do things. From listening to music, to communicating to people and even by our daily computing and now to how we use our often overlooked mouse. Apple is really known into making things simple and minimalistic and this really captures the essence. The low profile design really suits well beside everything that comes from the big A. This mouse has no physical buttons at all and not even a scroll wheel as it rely solely on the multi-touch technology beneath the shiny white outer casing. Underneath will show the ultra precise laser which track movements far better than existing laser mouse. Furthermore, it can be used on any surface eliminating the need for a mouse pad. The Magic Mouse is also wireless thanks to Bluetooth  that can even work 33 feet away! Battery management is easy with the quick access on and off switch and even for forgetful people, the mouse can detect long periods of inactivity and automatically turns itself off.

It is for sure that copy cats will rise offering similar functions at a lower price but quality can be questionable. Be sure to get the original and the truly unique Apple Magic Mouse.

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