An ATM Savings Bank at Home?

Is that possible? Well, it is! There’s this invention which can solve your money management problem – the ATM Multi-Function Savings Bank. Now, saving money will be fun because this home ATM works like the real thing, with real ATM sounds and light up display. I’m not sure about you, but for me, I consider it as an alternative to my boring old jam bar and my sister’s piggy bank.


Just like a real ATM, all you have to do is input your card plus your chosen 4-digit PIN or password and select the amount you need. It accepts both coins and notes, and calculates the running total so you can check your balance at any time and set savings targets. Notes are deposited via a motorized slot under the keypad and coins go in a slot by the LCD screen. No more smashing of your piggy bank or jam jar because this home ATM will allow you to make withdrawals as well as deposits. And like the cash point, you can use this any time of the day.

Powered by three AA batteries that comes with the package, this ATM Multi-Function Savings Bank will also play a birthday song the first time it is activated on a pre-programmed date and a Christmas song every 25th of December. It has also a real time alarm clock with a calendar, and it only measures 10” x 8 1/2’” x 4”.

I didn’t know saving can be so much fun. Start stabilizing your financial future, and get the ATM Multi-Function Savings Bank right here.

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  1. I have recently received this as a gift, and I have lost the pin, do you know if it can be reset?

    If so can you please send me details


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