Amphibious R/C Tank


Think of the good old days where remote controlled tanks that we used to play in our backyards have “laser gun” that fire from some cheap LED lights. If you thought that was cool then, how much more this one which shoot real BB gun pellets!

The amphibious tank is like torn between a boat and a tank. When in land, in can drive even through the most perilous terrain namely your backyard full of dried up leaves, sands, pebbles or even some mud. The 4 wheel drive tank ├é┬ápaired with big traction wheels can conquer it all. When in water, the tank can act like a boat and can speed with its twin propellers and watch it move rock solid cruising the troubled waters which is your pond and the tadpoles in it. Imagine playing in the dirt then shifting to water in another just like in real combat! But that wouldn’t all be it, just load up some BB pellets into the bullet hatch and you’re ready to destroy some enemies. Just control the tank with the remote control and fire at will! Some other cool things that the tank can do is to spin 360 degrees and the upper part of the amphibious can be loaded with 4 standard drink cans in case you’re tired of combat.

If you want a boat and a tank that fires real BB bullets, then get this Amphibious R/C Tank!

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