Aluratek Libre eBook Reader – Freedom of Reading

Aluratek ereaderA bookworm’s butterfly dream is most likely a life with no more library cards, due dates, overdue fine and back-breaking weight. Imagine the freedom of reading all your favorite books wherever you are minus the librarian and the quiet please sign. Think liberty – imagine “Libre”. The new Aluratek Libre electronic book reader is the only library you’ll need. It’s your eBook collections made available to you when you want them and where you want them.

As with the reader per se, the Libre offers an exclusive e-paper LCD technology. This technology uses a clear black and white 5-inch screen that is easy on the eyes. The screen has the same appearance and readability of printed paper. Aluratek did not install a backlight for a more paper book reading experience. Libre can connect to any internet enable computer for quick access to new publications using online resources like and Furthermore, this e-reader comes with a 2GB SD card (SD card expandable up to 32GB) preloaded with 100 classic books including the works of Aesop, Virgil and Shakespeare.
Another noteworthy feature is the 24-hour continuous use battery life with 2 weeks standby time; you can literally read whole day with Libre. Aluratek Libre shares some common features with other readers out there. These include support for different electronic book format, picture format and mp3 playback. It also has bookmark and auto page turn function, adjustable font type and size, portrait and landscape mode.

Check out Aluratek LIBRE eBook Reader PRO here.

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