Alternative Energy Lab for Kids

00105500-570044_500Climate change is as real as you. It has really affected us in more ways than we think due to man’s disrespect to nature. People all over the world are now aware of this issue and are doing their part in solving the problem or even slow it in its tracks. But everyone should be involved in this movement not just the government, scientists, academicians and concerned citizens and I mean kids too! We don’t expect our kids to know everything about cutting his or her carbon footprint, but at least be armed with the knowledge so when he/she grows, your kid already has the right mindset.

The Alternative Energy Lab is an innovative educational toy for kids. This gadget lets your kid know the alternative sources of energy hands on and how eco friendly it is! The energy lab has a solar cell, chemical cell, wind turbine, and a hand operated generator. These four components produce energy using nature’s powers without even emitting a single carbon molecule in the atmosphere. The lab has a voltmeter to measure how much energy has been produced which operates the LED, buzzer, motor, and battery charger that are in the energy lab. There is also an easy to understand book that teaches kids about the different renewable energy sources namely wind, solar, tidal, hydroelectric, geothermal, and biomass.

This gadget would be a perfect present to spark a kid’s inquisitive nature. You don’t know, maybe your little one could be a scientist in the making. Get this educational gadget here.

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