Alienware TactX Mouse: Your Perfect Gameplay Partner

The computer mouse has come a long way since it was first launched in the 80’s. Since then, this computer accessory has become an important part of every home, office, school, and business. Without it, any person using the computer will have a hard time navigating through software and will rely mainly on keyboard shortcuts. That is why, various types of mouse are made available to make sure that every computer user’s needs are met. There’s the ball mouse, the optical mouse, and the gaming mouse. All have significant uses; but when it comes to gameplay, of course, your perfect partner is the gaming mouse just like the Alienware TactX mouse.

tactxMouse3_v2So, what makes the Alienware TactX mouse apart from the rest? Well, first, it is designed with the gamers in mind. If you play computer games a lot, you know exactly the significance of having a good gaming device. Unlike the typical ball mouse or optical mouse, this one features great performance during fast and slow hand movements. It also has a 5000 DPI laser sensor so you can expect it to deliver pinpoint accuracy and split-second-in-game reaction times. And to truly make your gaming experience an ultimate one, it’s designed with a full range of customization options, which includes five available user profiles, nine customizable buttons, and the exclusive AlienFX customizable lighting. It also features a vertical and horizontal scrolling with dual vertical scroll modes and a 6-foot high-speed USB 2.0 cable to make sure you’ll have extended reach while playing.

Indeed, the Alienware TactX mouse is not your ordinary type of mouse. So, why not make it your perfect gameplay partner? It is very much available online for easy access. Or if you are just starting out, better get the Alienware computer & mouse & keyboard set at

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